Robbi Long

Robbi Long
Operations Manager
Works At:

Robbi was born and raised in Wichita falls, she left the city for a little bit, but she loved the city so much that she moved back in 2008! Her favorite thing about Wichita Falls is the fact that it is the biggest-small town and that we have a lot of wonderful small businesses! 

Her favorite hobby outside of work is to go fishing with her dad, as well as heading to the lake with her family & friends!

Robbi states that her favorite thing about jewelry is that “It’s always given or received to celebrate a special moment! It is sentimental and will be passed down generations to come. Things age, fade or get ruined by natures elements- Jewelry is times only enemy! I personally wear jewelry that was passed down from my grandma to my mom and now to me - so it is priceless! To me jewelry is the best business to be in! We sell things that represent feelings and emotions as well as memories! It simply does not get any better than that!”