Tips & Tricks

What to Expect

When making a purchase of a ring, the customer should expect to closely analyze various factors of the production process. To begin with, observe the thickness of the ring, the metal being used and the way the side and center stones are set. It also helps to view the diamond with your naked eye - first in both natural and artificial light and then ask the associate to look through a loop microscope. Finally, be sure to look over the certification provided with the diamond.

Don’t Forget

Of course, with all the major observations present during the buying process, there are often several small aspects sometimes forgotten along the way that potentially make or break a ring choice. For example, be sure to examine your ring when it is set and finished. Look to see if the center stone of the diamond is at set level. Moreover, don’t forget to ask about the warranty provided with the ring and what it does and doesn’t cover.  Finally, after you propose, have your fiance try the ring on when their hands are both hot and cold to test if the ring still fits properly.

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